Shoppers Want More Curation, Not More Choices

Consumers are looking for personalized service, the kind of service they can't get online. Synchrony's survey finds that shoppers expect fully curated shopping experiences to be the norm by 2030.
Sunday, Apr 30, 2023

We’ve all heard that the future of in-person retail is not in products but in experiences. Shoppers want personalized service and recommendations as well as the kind of service they can’t get online. A new study from consumer financial services company Synchrony backs up the idea that consumers are looking for unique experiences.

The survey finds that consumers expect fully curated shopping experiences to be the norm by 2030. But curating a personalized, “just-for-me” experience doesn’t mean offering more products but fewer. These shoppers would rather see a small selection of products they are guaranteed to like rather than wade through thousands of product listings or walk endless miles of shelves in search of the kind of product they are looking for.

Given these preferences, the study suggests, retailers must differentiate themselves by offering the kinds of experiences their customers prefer, and offering connected experiences across channels. For more, you can find a link to the full story at INSTORE Magazine.

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