Ecommerce Growth Slows as Shoppers Return to Stores

According to, ecommerce sales have stalled at 15% of total retail sales after experiencing rapid growth during the pandemic. Ecommerce is expected to reach 20% of retail sales around 2030.
Wednesday, Mar 22, 2023

After explosive growth during the pandemic, ecommerce sales have stalled at around 15% of total retail sales, according to Ecommerce will continue to grow, albeit at a much slower rate than during the pandemic, and is expected to top out at 20% of total retail sales around 2030.

Some experts believe ecommerce can reach 30% of total retail sales, but with the costs of customer acquisition and delivery being higher than running a physical location, others expect that 20% figure to be closer to reality. It seems that while some customers came to prefer the convenience of ecommerce, brick-and-mortar shopping is still the preference for the majority.

Read the article on VMSD here and the report here (behind a paywall).

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