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Why You Should Exhibit

Motivate. Inspire. Delight.

Meet Motivated Buyers

  • Meet with professionals looking for the latest, most innovative retail solutions.
  • Provide retailers and store designers with the ability to experience your products. You can't do that over Zoom!
  • Better than cold calls. Qualified shoppers will be there to look for new products and services.
  • Build business relationships face-to-face.
  • Attend free keynote sessions and network at the Industry Welcome Reception.
  • Increase your competitiveness by immersing yourself in the voice of the customer.

Exhibit in 2024
Shoppers enjoying a store

Elevating the In-Store Experience

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Who is Shop! Marketplace?

Shop! Marketplace is owned by SmartWork Media, a publishing company with eight B2B publications and five conferences/shows in the B2B sector.

During nearly two years of no trade shows, retailers — already struggling to reinvent themselves — weathered dramatic changes and had to go it alone. An innovative, collaborative show is needed to provide the community with the opportunity to meet face-to-face, explore problems and solutions, and come up with new ideas.

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A show where retailers can learn from experts and industry peers how to take their current business into the future without wasting any more time and money on what doesn’t work.

A show that creates an environment that facilitates collaboration, a sharing of ideas, a safe place to commiserate on past failures, and rejoice together on successes.

A show where retailers can learn from, and explore with the experts and peers in a newly designed conference program.

Two years is a long time, and a lot has changed. This show is an excellent opportunity to find new leads you may not otherwise encounter.

A show where retailer designers and retail owners and executives are looking for products and services to improve their businesses.

A show that brings together retailers with exhibitors and other attendees who can help them solve their concerns through the sharing of experiences.

Know the Details

What's in my Booth?

The Duke Enery Center offers a facility with a layout designed to keep attendees engaged, educated, and energized throughout the event.

Curated premium booth systems with turnkey design solutions available in 10X10 and 10X20 options.

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How We
Promote the Show

We're going all in with our promotion for the Shop! MarketPlace experience. Here are just a few of the things we have planned to make Shop! successful and rewarding:

  • Promote to an attendee list of over 33,000 qualified buyers.
  • We've created this comprehensive website to attract buyers from pre-registration until post-event.
  • Weekly online show announcements to our attendee promotion list.
  • Print ads in trade magazines that speak to the retail trade in general and to industry verticals with a strong retail channel.
  • A complimentary Exhibitor Invite Program providing discounts to your current and new customers.
  • Weekly marketing to all SmartWork Media Brands (VMSD, BXP, InStore, InVision, Pets+), delivering an average of more than 1.2 million impressions per month.

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Who Should Exhibit

Attendees are seeking industry suppliers, manufacturers and service providers that offer goods and services to facilitate the in-store consumer experience, including:

  • Fixtures
  • Lighting
  • In-Store Technology
  • Architecture & Facades
  • Decorative Props
  • Mannequins & Forms
  • Flooring
  • Surface Material
  • Signage & Graphics
  • Permanent, Semi-Permanent & Temporary Displays
  • Aisle Enhancers (End Caps, etc.)
  • On-Shelf Promotions
  • Foreign Trade Commissions
  • BOPIS/BORIS/ROPIS Solution Providers
  • Furniture
  • Store Design
  • Visual Merchandising Design
  • Promotions
  • Materials

Exhibit in 2024