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Omnichannel Experience: The Key to Gen Z

This article from Experience Retail Today reiterates that good customer experience is key to reaching Gen Z customers.
Tuesday, Mar 28, 2023

This article from Experience Retail Today reiterates one of the most important points about reaching Gen Z customers: a good customer experience is everything. There are loads of companies with great products, but Gen Z consumers will connect with the ones who can give them exactly what they want when they want it, all with a seamless customer experience. So says Jason Hawkins, Chief Marketing, Digital and Omni Officer of Forever 21.

Currently rebuilding itself after declaring bankruptcy in 2021, Forever 21 hopes it will not be forever 2021 for them. Hawkins has helped that rebuild by making sure the right products find the right consumers at the right time. And in order to reach the right consumers—in this case, Gen Z—you have to reach them where they are: on social media.

The article is a great read for anyone interested in omnichannel marketing, aligning online and brick-and-mortar branding, and connecting with Gen Z consumers on the basis of their values of inclusivity and sustainability.