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Building Customer Relationships with The Plumb Club

The Plumb Club podcast provides advice on building relationships with customers, focusing on lab-grown diamonds and engagement rings.
Tuesday, Mar 7, 2023

We all know how important loyal, repeat customers are to the retail business, especially to small and medium-sized retailers. This article from INSTORE Magazine showcases The Plumb Club podcast, which gives listeners advice on building relationships with customers. This month, their episodes focus on lab-grown diamonds and engagement rings.

Joined by WD Lab Grown Diamonds, “Seed to Stone: A Behind-the-Scenes Tour of the Premium Diamond Growth Process” covers the process of growing premium diamonds and helps retailers communicate the benefits of lab-grown diamonds to customers, including sustainability, traceability, and details about the growth process. The ability to educate customers on lab-grown diamonds will be a major factor in reaching the next generation of diamond consumers.

Their other episode this month, “Building Your Business with Diamond Milestones,” is all about increasing sales through customer lifecycles. Brand strategist Cheryl Kremkow walks listeners through marketing and merchandising strategies that keep customers engaged and build long-term relationships.

Read the full article here and check out the podcast here.