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OmniControl - Customizable LED Touch Mirror Controller Fully customizable interface illuminated with touch-activated buttons on a programmable LED mirror control. Equipped with dimming and color temperature tuning to delight shoppers and guests with personalization. OmniControl comes with brand defined pre-set buttons ranging from candlelight to natural sun to ensure an individualized experience in retail and hospitality settings.

Omnify is a global leader in quality, innovative, and tailored backlighting solutions for designers, builders, and distributors. With four manufacturing facilities globally, United States, Canada, Korea, and China, Omnify provides backlighting and complementary systems that focus on delivering innovative, custom, and scalable solutions.
We are the designer’s choice in backlighting by making it possible to creatively embed lighting in environments beyond the traditional lighting fixture. Illuminating creativity is our mission. With best-in-class services, global manufacturing facilities, in-house engineers, a consultative approach, and top-tier components, Omnify serves a wide range of industry segments. While fulfilling a wide variety of applications, we ensure the highest standards of reliability and quality. Contact us! Phone: (866) 766-0509; Company Address: 2700 John St, Markham, ONTARIO, L3R 2W4, Canada

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