Oreo 110th Birthday Celebration Display

Each February, Oreo “paints the store blue” with a fully integrated marketing campaign to kick-off the year with new news and kick start product sales. In Q1 2022, Oreo would be celebrating its 110th birthday and needed to bring the excitement in-store to shoppers and retailers alike. From past programming, we know that the most successful activations have always focused on Oreo. We needed to design an impact display that would break through the busy in-store environment and drive awareness of Oreo’s 110th birthday.

Execution was inspired by the magical birthday moment that spans generations and cultures…when you close your eyes, blow out the candles, and make a wish. 73% of adults 18-34 still make a birthday wish and 84% of shoppers use food to bring the family together so there’s no better occasion than a birthday celebration.

Oreo engaged shoppers in-store using a huge Oreo cookie with confetti, their iconic Oreo blue and the fun hashtag #neverstopwishing to dominate the store.

Reports show 11,048 large lobby kits and 10,965 smaller candle kits were placed in Grocery and Mass stores in lobby and secondary locations. Each kit had two floorstands resulting in a total of over 44,000 displays or brand impressions across the United States. Displays of Confetti Cake LTE were up 66% vs. 2021 LTE and total core Oreo was up 10.5% in Q1 vs. prior year. Visits and unique site visitors totaled 1.6M and were both above Oreo IMC benchmarks.


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