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LG Studio Modular Kitchen Vignette Program

Design and build a modular kitchen display program for the new LG Studio line of kitchen appliances. Three display configurations are required to fit different showroom store sizes. A three-piece Kitchen, featuring a 36" refrigerator, a 30" range, and OTR Microwave, is the smallest configuration available. A 4-piece kitchen, featuring a 36" refrigerator, a 30" range, OTR microwave and a 24" Dishwasher, is the medium sized configuration required. A 5-piece Kitchen, featuring a 42" built-in refrigerator, a 30" combi oven, or single oven or double oven, 36" or 30" Cooktop, OTR Microwave, and a 24" dishwasher, is required for the largest format offered. The vignette must be engineered using common parts across all three configurations. Kitchens need to ship out Knockdown to save on shipping costs and damage. Kitchen Vignettes need to be easily setup in the showrooms. LG brand Guidelines need to be followed when designing the Kitchens. Develop a new backlit LG studio logo to brand the space. Select materials that compliment the LG Studio appliances design language. Allow the consumer to interact with each appliance. These Vignettes will be installed nationwide into a variety of retail showrooms. A Wall Oven Cabinet, on the 5P kitchen configuration, needs to be designed and engineered to fit a Double Oven, or a Single Oven, or a Combi Oven. Kitchens need to be engineered with materials that can last at retail for at least 4 years.


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