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Downy Unstopables Floor Display

Create a display to grab consumer attention to try the ever popular Downy Unstopables InWash Scent Booster. Encourage loyal users to try a new scent, and discover a new love.

- High impact Header and Body art should scream Black and Teal capturing the easily recognizable Downy Unstopables Bottle - America's #1 Scent Booster.

- The target audience is the consumer who desires a long lasting fresh clean scent in all their laundry.

- Provide a flexible easily moveable display that can be set-up in multiple locations within the retail environment;  whether it's the laundry aisle or Back to College to quickly grab consumer attention.

- Display is designed to hold multiple sizes from a small 6oz to the extra large 26.5oz.

- In addition to multiple sizes, all the numerous scent variations including Fresh and Lush can also be displayed.

- Retailers will be given the opportunity to create a display with scents and sizes tailored to the uniqueness of their consumers with shipment of their displays in less then 8 weeks.

- The floor display design can easily be used for all sizes and scents with minimal to zero cost for new parts.

- Graphics will print on a high speed digital printer, reducing lead times for printed materials to less than 7 days;  allowing for quick turnarounds from order to store floor.

- Display can be restocked over extended promotional periods.

- Cost of the final display not to exceed $35.

- Display is 100% recycled corrugate.


General Merchandise


by Pratt Display

for Procter & Gamble

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