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Proximo Cristalino Multi-Brand Collection LockBox

Proximo Spirits is a trailblazer in the industry of Cristalino tequilas. They were the first to master the craft of developing a crystal-clear tequila with the premium complexity of barrel aged Reposado and Anejo tequilas in a crystal-clear blend that delivers smoothness above all. The client desired a premium presence linked to the beauty and essence of natural crystals paired with a premium look to attract maximum attention that radiates the luxury these tequilas bring to the consumer drinking experience. The objective was to combine this family of tequilas combining premium materials to convey the luxury of these brands while linking them to natural clear crystal. The Lockbox helped secure the higher price point of the products. This premium display is in small and upscale grocery, as well as large and small liquor retailers. The target audience was Adults 35+ that enjoy the craft of a smooth tequila and don’t mind spending more on quality.


Beverages - Wine & Liquor


by Bish Creative

for Proximo Spirits

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